• Restore your hair back to optimal condition
  • Super straight hair
  • Frizz-free hair
  • Ultra smooth hair
  • Long lasting results

After years of colouring, highlighting and straightening with irons, my hair was damaged. Keratin Revolution has transformed my hair! I’m looking and feeling great!”

Hair Straightening

Keratin Revolution – 3-in-1 treatment using nano-technology to straighten, control, strengthen and repair hair

Keratin Revolution NANO-INTENSE hair straightening and repair at Marianne’s hairdressers in Basingstoke, is a new multi-use 3-in-1 keratin treatment that uses nano-technology to straighten, control, strengthen and repair your hair.

Keratin Revolution combines ingredients to give you a system that offers frizz free control and straightening without causing stress on the hair. Using a combination of Glycolic Acid and Carbosysteine it loosens the disulphide bonds causing the hair to lie straighter.

The nano-keratin penetrates the cortex of the hair, filling up the spaces created by the repositioning of the disulphide bonds, resulting in straight, healthy hair. Nano-keratin particles carry the NANO-INTENSE treatment deeper into the hair shaft to provide intense and longer lasting results, improving the structure of the hair dramatically.

“My frizzy hair has been transformed into a sophisticated style which gleams with radiance and shine thanks to Keratin Revolution.”

Price: £80 – £120


Hair Restore

Amargan hair therapy products

Restore the shine to dull, lifeless hair

Marianne’s Hair and Beauty Salon in Basingstoke stocks Amargon Hair Therapy Products, a set of revolutionary styling, finishing and conditioning treatment products with a unique, ultra light, non-greasy formula that seals in shine producing silky perfection for all hair types.

Amargan Products we currently use and stock at the salon include:

  • Amargan Hair Therapy Oil
  • Amargan Advanced Styler
  • Amargan Shine and Protect Spray

On your next visit to Marianne’s ask your stylist if you can sample the products when you hair is being styled.

For only £5 you can purchase a trial pack of all Amargan products to use at home and get the real benefit of this amazing new hair product.

Trial pack: £5


“Being a dark colour for 10 years I was quite nervous to go blonde but I really wanted a change. I couldn’t have gone to a better place, very professional. The bonus also is the salon doesn’t use harmful colours either! Fully recommend!”
“Excellent at doing hair ups! So friendly and really go out of their way to help you.”
“Marianne’s been doing my hair for years and knows exactly how I like it. Perfect every time!”
“Always does my hair perfectly! And my wedding hair stayed in all day and night! “
“I love having my hair done at Marianne’s, everyone is so friendly and my hair looks and feels great each time.”